We help entrepreneurs and companies to develop, adapt and change depending on the needs, nature and scale of activity,
providing them with effective tools: strategy, financing and support in the implementation.




We are a team of interdisciplinary business advisors specialising in strategic planning, research and development projects, financial analytics, human resources and project management. Together with our Clients, we plan and implement development changes in their businesses, focusing on process and product innovations. Our experts provide our Clients with full support at the strategic planning stage, help them in obtaining external financing and in settling the project.

Paweł Bajurski

President of the Management Board

email: pbajurski@trigonum.pl

Since the beginning of his professional career he has been involved in the subject of subsidy financing of development activities. In the years 2004-2008 he was the Chief Specialist in one of the largest Polish companies in the training industry. There, he was responsible for the development of the EU Subsidy Department and for adjusting the company's structures to implement large-scale co-financed projects. From 2008, co-founder, partner and President of the Management Board in Trigonum. He has experience in the area of management and grants - during the last 15 years he has prepared dozens of grant projects financed mainly from the structural funds. Specialist in the area of ​​strategic management, process modeling, project management and commercialization of research and development results. He is a certified project manager at the degree of Project Management Professional (PMP) and PRINCE2 Foundation.


The Consulting Department cooperates with clients throughout the life of the project. Starting from the time of signing the contract for co-financing, through ongoing activities such as recruitment of project personnel, submitting tender enquiries, contact with a supervisor designated by the financing institution, until the final application's settlement. The scope of tasks is mainly focused on project settlements under national and regional operational programs, but also on training and consulting activities in the areas of, among others: project management, evaluation of training processes and improvement of soft skills.The Consulting Department consists of a team of qualified specialists in the area of ​​servicing and settlement of co-financed projects. We also work with a dozen or so external experts. During our activity, we have supported over 100 applicants, whom we helped settle over PLN 75,000,000 in subsidies.

Anna Józefczyk

Director of the Advisory Department

email: ajozefczyk@trigonum.pl

In Trigonum since 2010. As a Managing Partner, responsible for the coordination of projects and processes. Author of many training and consulting projects implemented under the European Social Fund, including projects for the SME sector and large enterprises with a total amount of over PLN 50,000,000 in subsidies. Experienced project manager, author of the project management methodology in Trigonum in accordance with the PMI assumptions. Business trainer, consultant in the field of project management, strategic management, building company strategy, change and innovation. Author of several dozen business development strategies, development plans, and feasibility studies. Accredited CSR advisor.

Dawid Karasiewicz

Director of the Project Office

email: dkarasiewicz@trigonum.pl

tel. 602 158 009

Working with Trigonum for over five years. Responsible for trade negotiations, concluding contracts for project support as well as building business relationships. Coordinator of project planning and implementation processes and strengthening of success factors at the stage of obtaining external financing. He has over ten years of experience in sales, management and consulting. Experienced trainer of interpersonal and commercial competences. Expert in the field of repayable sources of financing and insurance products. Certified project manager in the Agile PM Foundation methodology.

Agnieszka Szarafin

Director of the Project Department

email: aszarafin@trigonum.pl

In Trigonum since 2010. Responsible for handling the implementation processes and managing almost 60 projects co-financed from EU funds for the amount of over PLN 75,000,000. Currently managing a team supporting projects, responsible for optimizing the planning and implementation of projects, formal correctness, keeping documentation, settlement of client projects and own projects. Author of the quality policy used in projects implemented for clients, standards and regulations as well as formal document templates. Certified project manager of the PMI-CAPM methodology.

Mirosław Perzanowski

Coach, adviser

email: mperzanowski@trigonum.pl

In Trigonum since 2016. ICF coach, consultant and business coach with over 20 years of experience in sales. Creator of training programs for sellers and managers in Poland and abroad, co-creator of the methodology of strategic management and operationalization of objectives used by Trigonum. He specialises in working with sellers and managers in sales, operational and strategic management, team building and development. He carries out workshops, trainings and coaching sessions. Until now, he has led over 1,200 training days in which over a dozen thousand people participated.


The Subsidy Department supports the development needs of clients through individual selection of non-returnable sources of financing, conceptual project planning and comprehensive preparation of application documentation. The team helps clients throughout the process of applying for a subsidy - from the time of creating the idea to the stage of signing the contract for co-financing. The areas of activity are mainly focused on EU funds under national and regional operational programs, as well as European programs, i.e. Horizon 2020. Currently, the Subsidy Department consists of over a dozen consultants and external experts with complementary competences in the area of consulting. Only from 2016, we have been trusted by over 100 applicants, whose ideas we have turned into more than PLN 120,000,000 in subsidies.

Magdalena Sosnowska

Director of the Subsidy Department

email: msosnowska@trigonum.pl

In Trigonum since 2013.  On a daily basis she manages a team that over the last two years has obtained over PLN 100,000,000 in funding for our clients under the European Funds 2014-2020 perspective.  She specialises in project planning and obtaining non-returnable sources of financing, in particular, in the field of research and development projects in the IT, space, medical engineering and manufacturing industries. Author of nearly 100 grant applications for domestic and foreign entrepreneurs, scientific units, non-governmental organizations and cross-sectoral consortia as part of national and regional EU programs as well as national and ministerial funds. Certified project manager of the PMI-CAPM methodology.

Kamil Kowalik

Deputy Director of the Subsidy Department

email: kkowalik@trigonum.pl

tel. 517 973 619

He has been involved in the European funds industry for 10 years. He started cooperation with Trigonum in 2016. Expert in establishing business contacts, verifying ideas, adjusting the possibilities of obtaining external financing to the client's needs, as well as conducting commercial activities and contract negotiations. As a co-creator of several dozen project successes, he has gained over PLN 80,000,000 for our clients. He independently settled projects for a total grant of over PLN 10,000,000. He has gained experience as an interim manager engaged by Venture Capital funds in startup projects supporting them in areas related to administration and sales.

Daria Leśniewska

Senior Project Specialist

email: dlesniewska@trigonum.pl

She has been working for Trigonum since 2015. She prepared nearly 70 research and development, educational, exports and international cooperation projects in the course of her professional career in national and European EU programs. She is a specialist in IT project planning and in the coordination of the cooperation between the science and business sectors. A lecturer at cyclical information meetings for entrepreneurs on topics related to European funds. Her work resulted in the acquired grants amounting to nearly PLN 40 000 000.

Michał Marcinkowski

Senior Project Specialist

email: mmarcinkowski@trigonum.pl

In Trigonum since 2015. He is responsible for the end-to-end consultancy for customers from the adaptation of development needs to competition possibilities, to the preparation of an application form to the signing of the funding agreement. An expert in the planning of education projects, in particular, projects related to the institutional development of education and care institutions. He also specializes in projects addressed to enterprises to increase the competitive potential and expand to foreign markets. The author of more than 50 grant applications worth nearly PLN 30 000 000.