The strategy is a key element of business management. This is the answer to questions about the plan of action and directions of the company's development based on its mission, vision and goals. We help our Clients in defining development areas and establishing the right priorities. We select development tools adapted to the needs of the company and the type of innovation or investment that the Client intends to implement. These activities take the form of business plans, business models, financial analyses or development strategies and plans.

We help the Client build a way to implement the planned change through provided analyses, calculations, research, and finally recommendations and operational plans. The proposed tools allow the Client to measure the change achieved depending on its needs and expectations: reduction of operating costs, implementation of a new product or process, process optimization.


Even the best idea without the funds for its implementation is just an idea. Research and development projects, investment projects, innovative technologies, and even preschool education facilities require adequate financing for the implementation of their assumptions. Few companies have an unlimited budget - for many of them the only capital is great ideas and enthusiastic people.

At Trigonum, we focus primarily on the right selection of financing for the specifics of our client's project. Usually, we support clients by obtaining non-returnable subsidies from public funds, but we also help in negotiations with banks, investment funds and individual investors. We have already been trusted by over 100 applicants, and we have converted their ideas into over PLN 100 million of support.


Implementation of the project is the time when we put the developed strategy into practice. It is the most extensive group of project processes, both in terms of time and from the point of view of the resources involved. Depending on the Clients' needs, we support entire projects, their selected stages or prepare the organisation staff to carry out projects on their own. Our standard is support to the Clients throughout the life cycle of the project. The detailed scope of our assistance includes: partial or full outsourcing, training in project management, recruitment of a project team, development of procedures and documentation, substantive subcontracting, and ongoing consulting.

For our Clients, we define tasks, tools, time, resources. We study the environment, we estimate the risks. We create scenarios of the project implementation, indicating the most advantageous form of financing the activities. We prepare comprehensive documentation, necessary for the implementation of further steps.