Valmont sp. z o.o.

Valmont is a market leader in Central and Eastern Europe in the production of lighting, power, signalling, transmission poles and high masts. The company is listed on the New York Stock Exchange and currently has branches in 23 countries. In 2017, the Valmont authorities came to the conclusion that building a strong position on the market requires decisive action. It was necessary to develop and implement a new, more efficient production line, as well as to increase the technological and quality parameters of the flagship product - lighting poles. Each of these tasks was assigned a separate team of production engineers who focused on the technological aspects of the changes needed.

The involvement of Trigonum in the project began with combining two independent activities into a major project of strategic importance. Analysts and experts in research and development projects of Trigonum together with Valmont engineers have developed one common platform for both ideas for innovation. Together, we have initiated the concept of implementing comprehensive innovation in Valmont, covering both a new product, that is, ultra-light safe lighting poles and the process - an innovative approach to the technology used so far. This innovation was to be the result of a research process carried out by Valmont engineers.

One of the effects of the implementation of the Trigonum project methodology was an application showing a comprehensive change and innovation based on the research and development processes carried out in Valmont. Such an innovation has been highly evaluated in terms of content and cost-effectiveness by financing institutions. Thanks to the subsidy received, Valmont launched the construction of a new line and production hall. The project is supported by a team of specialists of Trigonum, which supports Valmont in management processes, settlement, documentation of activities and expenses.

Effects of cooperation:

  • Support for the construction of a new production hall
  • A new production line, significant improvement of product quality and efficiency of production processes
  • The obtained financing for the development of the company in the amount of PLN 17 million.


- The meeting with Trigonum changed our view on running projects in the area of ​​solutions' innovation, and their experience and knowledge in the area of ​​obtaining EU funds allowed us to obtain significant funding for our project. - says Artur Grynkiewicz, President of the Management Board of Valmont Polska.