Blue Dot Solutions Sp. z o.o.

Operating in the space sector, Blue Dot Solutions is a technology company that deals with the use of satellite data in business solutions. The specificity of the industry and the high level of advancement of technologies used in projects require, on the one hand, high technological competence of the staff, and on the other, development capital. Blue Dot Solutions had the first resource, however, it was necessary for it to raise additional funds for development. Trigonum's involvement focused, in the first stage, on advising on the identification of the commercialisation potential of individual concepts proposed by Blue Dot Solutions and selecting one project on whose development the company was to focus.

As a result, the Ground Eye project was created, a technological platform for monitoring mobile elements of the ground facilities at airports. Thanks to the applications developed by Trigonum, the project obtained funding from the regional structural funds and entered the implementation phase preceded by the feasibility study prepared by Trigonum. Currently, the pilot project operates at the airport in Gdańsk.

The success of the Ground Eye project has become the ground for continued cooperation between Blue Dot Solutions and Trigonum. According to the conclusions from the analysis of the design concepts submitted by the company's staff, the next project with high commercialisation potential was a project of development of a housing for the needs of space and aerospace electronics using the innovative technology of mesh fabric of a honeycomb structure. Thanks to the involvement of Trigonum, the project obtained funding from the central sources and moved to the implementation phase.

Another project implemented by Blue Dot Solutions with the support of Trigonum is the Antyjamming project, which aims to create a device that prevents jamming of the geolocation signal in transport.

Effects of cooperation:

  • 3 technological projects completed and settled with Trigonum with co-financing in the amount of PLN 3 million
  • an increase in the position of Blue Dot Solutions on the Polish space market
  • joint involvement in the Space3ac acceleration program under the Poland Prize program.